Enough from us, it’s time to hear what actual patients have to say about Dr. Eric Meeker and his staff….

I retired to Florida in May, 1997.  One of the luckiest things in my life was finding Dr. Meeker, a brilliant dentist.  He has given me excellent care for 13 years.  He and his friendly staff treat me like family.

Molly D.

I am so proud to have Dr. Meeker as my family dentist.  From the first time I went to see him I knew I was going back.  The number one reason—I felt no pain at all when he extracted my molar.  The second reason—the family atmosphere you feel from him and his staff is wonderful.  I have been a patient since early 2000, and I know I will always be with him for as long as he practices.  I recommend him to anyone that asks about a good dentist.  I proudly say, ” Dr. Meeker is my dentist!”

Minerva G.

During my enlistment with the U.S. Air Force I was trained to be a dental assistant.  I believe that experience of working with a number of different dentists enables me to select one that is right for both my wife and me.  I can honestly say that the dental care we have received from Dr. Meeker is some of the best we have received.  He thoroughly explains the dental problem to the patient, and the steps necessary to correct it.  His staff is very friendly and professional.

Ronald  D.

I have been a patient of Dr. Meeker’s for about 10 years.  I believe he has my best interests as his personal and professional priority.  He and his staff always make sure I’m comfortable while I’m in their care.  I am quite a baby when it comes to pain, and Dr. Meeker always makes sure to do what’s necessary so I won’t be enduring any.  It’s easy and convenient to get an appointment with him.  His staff is very friendly and courteous.  If you’re new to the area or just looking for a new dentist, I highly recommend Dr. Meeker.  He does a wide range of services for your regular and special dental needs….and he’s a nice guy!Very Sincerely,

Leslie G.

I arrived at Dr. Meeker’s office the first time with great anticipation because I wanted the same kind of relationship with him that I had with my dentist up North.  He was recommended by a good friend, so that was a good start.  The first visit wasn’t what I expected.  Dr. Meeker informed me how serious my gum disease was and the effect it was having on my teeth!  To say the least I wasn’t happy, and I started thinking that Dr. Meeker was too aggressive and perhaps scaring me unnecessarily.  I thought that if my teeth and gums were that bad, surely my old dentist would have corrected this mess.  After a phone call to my old dentist, I was told he “knew” about the disease and was treating me accordingly—apparently not well enough!So after going through the cleanings and dental procedures, I’m so glad I stuck with the “aggressive” Dr. Meeker, because my mouth does depend on him, and my teeth and gums are healthier.  I would recommend him to anyone—really!

Patricia S.

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Meeker’s for about 5 years. I have been very happy with him and his staff. Everyone is considerate in every way.

Lois V.

I am so pleased that my son is such a wonderful dentist. He does excellent work, and is so patient & caring. Best of all, for “nervous” patients like me; he is truly a pain-free dentist. I am proud to recommend him to everyone.

Lea M.

When it comes to dentists, I have always been a wus–don’t want nobody pokin’ around in my mouth! I don’t like pain either! As a result, my teeth were in horrible shape. But Dr. Meeker slowly convinced me that his dental care to restore my teeth would be better than the alternative of having them all pulled and getting dentures one day. I am so happy I decided to let Dr. Meeker have his way! He turned out to be the best dentist I’ve ever had! In fact, I once dozed off while he was working on my teeth. My wife and I have both become believers in his services, as Dr. Meeker and his staff are like family to us now. I even talked my daughter into seeing him, and she was worse than me when it came to dentists. Dr. Meeker is not only a great dentist, but he and his staff are always friendly. They even remember the little things we have shared about our personal lives. My wife and I highly recommend Dr. Meeker and his entire staff, and that’s high praise given that I rarely ever liked any of the dentists I’ve had over the course of my life.

Larry & Marilyn F.

Dear Dr. Meeker–Thank you for giving me back my life by getting rid of my dreadful TMJ pain. Your concern and encouragement, along with some pretty wonderful dentistry on your part, has made me pain free again. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Another plus is my beautiful smile which I can’t help but show off.

Martie M.

I never thought I would, in my lifetime, state the fact that I enjoy going to a dentist. Dr. Meeker and his wonderful staff changed all that in my first visit. There was no waiting time—everyone was so pleasant, informative and treated me as if I had been chosen the “patient of the day.” After almost ten years now, there’s still no waiting time. They are ready for me, and just as pleasant as the first visit. I always look forward to my visits. It’s like going to visit special friends, and they are ALL special. Go for a visit! I know once you make that first visit, you WILL return.

Mary B.

Our whole family visits Dr. Meeker to have numerous procedures done. Dr. Meeker and his staff always make sure we feel comfortable and safe. We are always educated on what to do before and after the procedure. The staff always takes the time to call the day following any visit to the office. Dr. Meeker is the only dentist our family will visit.

Jennifer B. & family