Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you accepting new patients? Yes! Call us during office hours (M-Th 9-4, Lunch 12-1).
Please give us a call at : (352) 483-7454

Do you take dental insurance? Yes, as long as it allows you to pick the dentist of your choice. I accept a few PPO plans. If I’m not on your plans list of providers, then I’m out of network. See Payment, Insurance and Fees for further discussion.

Do you take HMO dental plans (DMO’s)? No. See Payment, Insurance and Fees

Do you take Medicaid/Medicare? No. See Payment, Insurance and Fees

Why can’t you quote fees over the phone? Because it is impossible for Dr. Meeker to know what treatment you will need until you are seen in person. A limited exam with one x-ray is $60. A comprehensive exam with full-mouth x-rays (FMX) is $150.

Can I just get a cleaning without x-rays & an exam? No. A dental cleaning is diagnosed treatment. A comprehensive exam with FMX are necessary to diagnose the type of dental cleaning you will need. X-rays and an exam are the standard of care. To treat comprehensively without radiographs is malpractice. Please don’t ask Dr. Meeker & his staff to do that.

Do you IV sedate or have NO2 gas? No.

Do you see kids? Yes! We usually recommend by age 3, a happy visit appointment with our hygienist. This gets your child used to the dental office surroundings, thus eliminating “fear of the dentist” in kids. This positive first impression is crucially important. Kids are much less likely to be dental phobic, if they have a great first visit!

I have a painful, infected tooth; do I need to be on antibiotics before having treatment? Usually not. It is almost always best to treat the tooth as soon as possible. We can still prescribe antibiotics after treatment, and they will be much more effective.

Is it going to hurt? Dr. Meeker believes in painless dentistry. Modern dental anesthetics allow a level of comfort that was unachievable in the past. Dr. Meeker will do everything possible to make sure you have a painless dental experience. See my video on Patient Anxieties.

Warning: Dr. Meeker typically does not prescribe any pain reliever stronger than Tylenol #3, and usually recommends Ibuprofen (up to 800mg/6 hours) after a tooth extraction. Those attempting to obtain synthetic opiates in order to support a drug addiction will be red-flagged, as required by my profession.

I’ve heard dental treatment can be expensive; how will I pay for it? Do you offer financing? See our section on Payment, Insurance and Fees. This topic is also discussed in my video on Patient Anxieties.

Do you do orthodontics (braces and/or Invisalign)? No.