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We do not offer patient financing.
Here are a few thoughts on our experiences with third-party financing. In the past Dr. Eric Meeker has tried third-party financing and found the denial rate to be around 95%. Read that last sentence again. The promotional period interest rate is usually between 8-12%. It can then jump to over 20%, if there is still a balance after the promotional period ends. That’s predatory lending, and Dr. Meeker doesn’t do that to his patients.

How to Pay for the Dental Care You Need?
Many patients end up getting the dentistry they need by establishing a dental budget.  Whatever that amount may be, it will be respected.  This is how the majority of our comprehensive-care patients have treatment done.

The most important factor in paying for treatment is establishing a dental budget that works for you.  We’ve helped many patients with this; we’ll do the same for you.

Dental Insurance
Are you confused about the changes in the dental insurance industry?  Did you ever try to read one of those manuals that “explain” dental benefits, only to give up in frustration?  If so, you’re not alone.  Here are a few thoughts on dental insurance that may help clarify the matter.

First, there are four basic types of dental insurance:

    Regular Indemnity Insurance — these insurance plans let you pick the dentist of your choice.  We accept these plans and can submit for payment.

    PPO Insurance — these plans give a list of “network providers.”   If you want to go “out of network” and pick your own dentist, your coverage will be somewhat reduced.  We are limited PPO providers. We see some other patients who appreciate our care & skill “out of network.”

    HMO/DMO’s — Dr. Meeker does not accept these insurance plans.  Dental offices that accept HMO’s are typified by long waits for appointments and overcrowded reception rooms.  If you have an HMO plan, you are still welcome at our office, but we will not accept your insurance benefits.

    Medicare/Medicaid — Dr. Eric Meeker does not accept Medicare or Medicaid.  Typically there are few to no dental benefits for adults from Medicare/Medicaid.

It also helps to understand the difference between Medical and Dental insurance.

Medical insurance is designed for catastrophic events such as heart attack, stroke, cancer, and traumatic emergencies.  These plans have high deductibles ($500-$1000) and high benefits.

Dental insurance is just the opposite.  It is characterized by low deductibles ($50-$100) and low benefits, usually $1000 per year or less.  This means that if you have catastrophic dental need, then dental insurance will pay very little towards your care.

What is needed for patients to overcome significant dental problems is:

   1.  Comprehensive Exam and FMX
   2.  A comprehensive and realistic treatment plan
   3.  A dental budget (weekly, monthly or yearly), for this treatment plan
   4.  Are you ready?

Fees are a reflection of the quality of care, which is determined by the skill, compassion and experience of the dentist. Dr. Eric Meeker has taken hundreds of hours of Continuing Education, in order to maintain a high level of proficiency in his dental care. He is also a really great guy! LOL

Patients’ concerns over fees become less important when they see the value received in professional service and quality of care.  The philosophy is that in the long run, excellent dentistry will cost less, and the patient will always be happier.  Once you visit our office, we’re confident you’ll feel the same. EM